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KIX Software Solutions

KIX Software Solutions Company has been selling software on the Internet since 1998 and is dedicated solely to the development of software for cataloguing collections of recorded music.

The company was started because of a need to catalogue my own private collection of vinyl records and CDs. I still use Music Catalogue Master for my collection of over 3700 CDs and LPs containing over 41,000 tracks.

Input Appreciated

Since the beginning, I have encouraged users to provide me with constructive input regarding Music Catalogue Master. This had led to the creation of version 5, which contains many great suggestions that have been passed on to me by people who have tried previous versions of Music Catalogue Master.

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to send me their suggestions!

I am always looking for constructive criticism. It is the only way to make the program better. So - if you wish to pass on a suggestion for future versions of Music Catalogue Master - please contact me.

Thanks for your input!

Craig Hobson
KIX Software Solutions






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