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Music Catalogue Master Automatically Catalogues CDs and Vinyl Records
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Music Catalogue Master 5 Features

Here are just some of the many features of Music Catalogue Master:

Automatically Enter CDs (with an Internet Connection)

Automatically enter CDs with no typing. Automatically enters the Artist, Title and all track information and track times, credits, artist URL links, cover art -  with just the click of a button - no typing. Enter single CDs or batch enter multiple CDs in one session with just the click of a button. Saves hours of your time! Try it now!

Automatically Enter Vinyl LP Records (with an Internet Connection)

Search out and select Vinyl LP Records from 4 different online databases and enter them with the click of a button. Automatically enters the Artist, Title and all track information and track times, credits, artist URL links, cover art -  with just the click of a button - no typing. Saves hours of your time! Can also be used to enter CDs. Try it now!

Automatically Checks for Data Errors

Scans all data tables on startup and automatically fixes any data errors that it finds. Try it now!

Catalogue Classical Music CDs, LPs and Tracks

Contains data sections with fields to enter and search classical music information: Composer, Piece, Orchestra, Conductor, Soloist, etc. Can associate an unlimited number of these to any and every CD/record. Try it now!

Catalogue Your MP3s

It comes packaged with MP3 Catalogue Master - a utility to help you track and play your MP3 files. Try it now!

Select and Display Anything

All the information entered into Music Catalogue Master can be searched, filtered and sorted - display anything in the database. Try it now!

Over 275 Different Reports

Comes with over 275 pre-formatted reports that you can print out. Reports can be filtered to display only the data you want to print. Try it now!

Create PDF, HTML, Word, Excel, RTF, XML and MHT Files

Prints standard paper reports, but you can also create PDF, HTML, Word, Excel, RTF and MHT documents. Put these on your web site or e-mail them to a friend. Try it now!

Statistical Package

Contains a statistical module for showing you what you have in your collection. You can also print statistical reports or create Excel documents. Try it now!

Unlimited Number of User-Defined Categories

You can create and assign as many user-defined categories as you want. This allows you to "tag" CDs, records and tracks with any category that may be of interest you. You can then filter and display all CDs, records and tracks that have been "tagged" with these user defined categories. You can now track anything you want. Some examples of user-defined categories are: bootleg, platinum, Grammy winner, 5 stars, 4 stars, 3 stars, etc. Anything you decide you want to track. Try it now!

Catalogue Multiple Copies of the Same CD / Record

Keep track of when and where a copy of a CD or vinyl record was purchased, its purchase price, current value, condition, cover condition and if the copy is currently for sale or loaned out. Try it now!

Catalogue Album and Single Chart Information

You can keep track of which albums and singles topped the charts. You can enter multiple chart entries so if an album or single falls off the chart and then re-enters it - you can track it.  Try it now!  

Complete Online Help File

It comes with complete online Help. You can bring up Help specific to any screen you are on by just pressing the F1 function key. Try it now!

Downloadable, Printable Manual

A complete manual is available in PDF format for download and printing. Try it now!

It's Try Before You Buy!

Music Catalogue Master is shareware, which means that it is free to try for 21 days. If you don't like it, just uninstall it from your system - no cost - no obligation. We don't think you will, but either way - good luck with your music listening experience!


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